Rising Tomato Prices? Try These Tangy Alternatives for Your Recipes


Recent media reports suggest that the prices of tomatoes have been steadily increasing due to incessant rainfall in various parts of the country. It is predicted that the prices may reach ₹300 per kg in the coming weeks, which is disappointing news for tomato lovers. However, fret not! Celebrity Chef Shipra Khanna suggests some alternatives that can provide the much-needed tangy taste to your dishes. These substitutes can be used in curries, soups, salads, and more, ensuring that your meals remain flavorful even without tomatoes.


Curd, or yogurt, can be an excellent replacement for tomatoes in curries. When cooked, curd imparts a slightly tangy yet creamy texture to dishes, whether you’re preparing chickpeas or potatoes. This alternative will add a pleasant change from the usual tomato-onion style curries.


Tamarind, commonly known as imli, is extensively used in South Indian delicacies and Middle-Eastern dishes. Its sourness makes it a suitable substitute for tomatoes. If you enjoy chatpati dishes or chaat, you’ll love the tangy flavor that tamarind imparts to curries.

Mango Powder (Amchoor):

Amchoor, or mango powder, is a less commonly used ingredient in Indian kitchens. However, it can be a fantastic addition to stuffed bitter gourd, chickpea curry, deep-fried snacks, or soups. Amchoor provides the perfect tangy flavor to any dish that would typically require tomatoes.


Kokum is a suitable substitute for tamarind or imli. The dried kokum fruit is soaked in water and turned into pulp for use in curries. It possesses a unique taste that can infuse your dishes with a delicious flavor.

Lemon Juice:

Although lemon juice can add sourness to your dishes, it may not contribute to the same consistency as tomatoes. Nevertheless, you can use it in vegetable stir-fries, dal, and salads to compensate for the absence of tomatoes if you’re missing them too much.

Raw Mango:

Since it’s mango season, our kitchens are likely stocked with various varieties of mangoes. The best alternative to tomatoes is raw mango, as it not only replicates the sweet-sour flavor of tomatoes but also adds a creamy texture to your dish. Raw mango can be a fantastic substitute in a wide range of recipes.

While the rising prices of tomatoes may hinder your culinary adventures, there are several tangy alternatives available to maintain the flavor profile of your favorite dishes. Whether you choose curd, tamarind, mango powder, kokum, lemon juice, or raw mango, each substitute brings its own unique twist to your recipes. So, don’t let the soaring tomato prices dampen your enthusiasm for flavorful meals – try these alternatives and continue to enjoy your favorite tangy delights.



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