Spotlight On Hermi Debbarma


It’s not an easy thing to choose between one’s profession and a passion, while a profession gives you the source to earn your daily bread and butter, it’s the passion on the other hand that gives you a source of joy and reason to live life to the fullest. But what if you need to choose between the two? It becomes a tough choice, isn’t it? And then what if you choose to follow both your profession and your passion, it becomes even tougher, right? Yes, it does, because in this fast-pacing and forever demanding professional world doing two things at a time sounds hectic and it is really indeed but then there are a few daring ones in the society who have the guts to follow this less taken path and be a source of inspiration for many. Hermi Debbarma from the Northeastern State of Tripura is one such name in the world of entertainment.

Born on January 9, 1999, in Tripura’s capital city Agartala the 22-year-old actress Hermi Debbarma from the Kokborok Film industry is an example of a very few daring ones in the society who chose to follow her passion without sacrificing her profession. Despite being serving personnel in the Tripura police, Hermi Debbarma decided to follow her passion of being an actor parallelly while following her job as a police professional. Hermi has acted in several music videos, which today have crossed over a million views on YouTube. Hermi also has an upcoming movie named Inspector Sikli, a Kokborok film, to be released very soon, where the audience will for the first time have the fortune to see the real- life cop Hermi Debbarma donning the role of an Inspector in reel-life.

On the personal front, Hermi Debbarma is the second child of her parents and lives in a family of four including Hermi herself, her parents, and an elder sister. Hermi is a Christian by religion and is single at present.

Hermi has a whopping number of 40.9K fan following and the American singer Selena Gomez is Hermi’s favorite when it comes to music.

A few more interesting facts about Hermi are that she has a great love for the colour black, has a height of 5.3 inches, and is 49kg in weight. Hermi loves eating chicken pizza and is a big foodie. During her pass time, Hermi loves to enjoy reading and traveling.

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