TIPRA MOTHA insists on written assurance.


With Tripura elections on the edge 2023, TIPRA MOTHA applies to the Election Commission for its registration . Also on Thursday , the Election Commission announced that is has reduced the time criteria in order to invite objections to the registration of the new parties . This has been done in the states of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland.


Senior BJP leaders, including Himanta Biswa Sarma had held the meeting with Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister. To discuss with the demands of MOTHA. Recently, TIPRA MOTHA has been in talks of merger with IPFT . The Tripura polls will be taking place on 16th of February.

There has been news that has been surfacing the internet. The news that BJP is in talks with the TIPRA MOTHA to enter into an alliance. On Sunday , senior BJP leaders which consisted of Tripura BJP incharge Mahesh Sharma and Sarma. they have had talked with the Union Minister Amit Shah . They had this meeting in order to discuss about the reasonable agreement on the MOTHA’S demand.

The TIPRA MOTHA has been insisting a written assurance from the Ministry Of Home Affairs that they accept the demand for greater Tipraland which , if formed, will include the region under the Tripura Tribal area autonomous district council and some 36 other villages.

From The Chief Of MOTHA.

Pradyot Debbarma , The TIPRA MOTHA chief stated in his tweet. ,” Good morning everyone , just wanted to tell some people in the media that I was always told as a child that a king never sells his kingdom and money and power come and go but the good name lasts forever. Have a good day everyone!”

He has refused to put below the demands for greater Tipraland . Even though on Thursday ,he met the convenor of NEDA ( North East Democratic Alliance) .He also met the Chief Minister of Assam that is , Himanta Biswa Sarma in New Delhi . The meeting comprised of Mahesh Sharma , Sarma and Sambit Patra.



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