Tripura Dispatches Special Team and Announces Ex-Gratia for Kanchanjunga Express Accident

train accident

The Tripura Government has dispatched a special two-member team to the site of the Kanchanjunga Express accident to provide support and assistance to affected individuals from Tripura. The Agartala-Sealdah bound train met with an unfortunate accident, prompting immediate action from state authorities to aid their citizens.

The accident, which occurred late last night, caused significant concern among the residents of Tripura, as the train regularly carries passengers between Agartala and Sealdah. The dispatched team aims to offer on-ground support, coordinate with local authorities, and ensure that the needs of Tripura’s residents are promptly addressed.

In response to the accident, the Tripura Government has also announced ex-gratia compensation for any individuals from the state who may have lost their lives in the tragic incident. This financial aid aims to provide some relief to the families of the victims during this difficult time. Chief Minister Manik Saha expressed his condolences to those affected, emphasizing the government’s commitment to support and assist the victims’ families.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of the Kanchanjunga Express accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. The state government is taking all necessary steps to support our citizens affected by this tragedy,” Chief Minister Saha stated. He also assured that the government would facilitate the treatment of any injured individuals from Tripura and ensure they receive the best possible medical care.

Local authorities at the accident site are working tirelessly to assess the situation, provide medical assistance to the injured, and restore normalcy. The special team from Tripura will work in tandem with these authorities to gather information, assist in rescue operations, and provide updates to the state government.

The Railway Ministry has launched an investigation into the cause of the accident, aiming to identify any lapses in safety protocols and prevent such incidents in the future. Meanwhile, helplines have been established to provide information and assistance to the families of passengers.

The Tripura Government’s swift response highlights their commitment to the safety and welfare of their citizens. As the situation develops, the state remains focused on providing comprehensive support to those affected by the Kanchanjunga Express accident, ensuring that their needs are met during this challenging time.



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