Tripura State Legal Services Authority Launches Project “MUKTI” to Combat Drug Abuse


In an effort to combat the pervasive issue of drug abuse in Tripura, the Tripura State Legal Services Authority (TSLA) initiated a new project called MUKTI. The project was launched by the Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court, Aparesh Kumar Singh, along with Justice Arindam Lodh, Chairman of the High Court Legal Services Committee, and Justice T Amarnath Goud, Executive Chairman of the Tripura State Legal Services Authority. The project aims to address the rising instances of drug trafficking and substance abuse among the youth, children, and adolescents, highlighting the detrimental impact on health and the economy. The launch ceremony was attended by eminent lawyers, officials from various departments, and members of the police administration.

Chief Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh emphasized the urgent need to tackle the growing menace of drug abuse across Tripura. He noted the alarming rise in drug trafficking and consumption, with frequent reports of drug seizures, particularly cannabis, appearing in newspapers. The Chief Justice stressed that curbing this issue is of the utmost priority for the state and society as a whole, given its severe consequences on health and the economy.

Project “MUKTI” seeks to serve society by raising awareness among the youth, children, and women who either fall victim to drug consumption or suffer from the consequences of having family members addicted to drugs. Chief Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh outlined the project’s objectives, emphasizing the importance of creating widespread awareness and promoting preventive measures. Additionally, he suggested the establishment of more accessible and affordable de-addiction centers across the state to aid in the rehabilitation of a larger number of addicts, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Justice Arindam Lodh expressed his concerns about the prevailing situation of drug abuse in Tripura. He highlighted ongoing cannabis cultivation in suburban areas and the continuous transportation of various drugs in and out of the state. Despite police seizures, the drug trade remains rampant. Justice Lodh proposed the engagement of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in identified areas to prevent drug use and trade effectively.

Justice Lodh also emphasized that Project “MUKTI” aims to disseminate awareness among the general public regarding legal provisions, policies, programs, and schemes related to narcotic drugs. By raising awareness about the harmful effects of drug abuse, the project aims to encourage individuals to make informed decisions and seek help when needed.

Addressing the issue of illicit cultivation of ganja (cannabis), Justice Lodh stressed the importance of preventing such cultivation. He advocated for the participation of Panchayats (local self-government bodies) and local authorities to actively address and combat the issue.

The launch of Project “MUKTI” by the Tripura State Legal Services Authority reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of drug abuse in the state. With the Chief Justice and other esteemed officials at the forefront, the project aims to create awareness, prevent drug consumption, and provide assistance and rehabilitation to those affected. By emphasizing the need for accessible de-addiction centers and engaging SPOs in identified areas, the project aims to curb the drug trade and promote a drug-free society. Through these collective efforts, Tripura endeavors to protect its citizens, especially vulnerable segments of the population, from the destructive consequences of substance abuse.



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