Tripura Tribal Areas Grapple with Fund Crunch, Leaders Seek Governor’s Intervention


Tribal leaders in Tripura have expressed concern over the lack of funds for development projects in the state’s tribal areas. They met with Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya on Friday to discuss the issue and seek his intervention.

The leaders said that the Tripura Tribal Areas Development Council (TTADC), which is responsible for the development of the state’s tribal areas, has been facing a severe fund crunch for the past few years. This has resulted in the delay or even cancellation of several important development projects.

The leaders also said that the TTADC is not getting its due share of funds from the state government. They demanded that the government should immediately release the pending funds to the TTADC so that development work in the tribal areas can be resumed.

Governor Arya assured the leaders that he would take up the matter with the state government. He also said that he would personally monitor the development work in the tribal areas.

The leaders’ meeting with the Governor comes at a time when the Tripura government is facing a financial crisis. The state’s revenue collection has been declining in recent years, and the government is finding it difficult to meet its expenses.

The financial crisis has also affected the TTADC’s ability to pay salaries to its employees. The TTADC has been forced to delay salary payments for several months.

The lack of funds and the delay in salary payments have led to frustration among the tribal people of Tripura. They are demanding that the government should take immediate steps to resolve the financial crisis and ensure that the TTADC is able to carry out its development work effectively.



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