Two Dacoits Arrested in Nagaon After Hijacking Buffalo Truck


Assam police arrested two notorious dacoits in Nagaon after they hijacked a truck loaded with buffaloes in Tezpur. The operation, which showcased the efficiency and promptness of the law enforcement agency, led to the recovery of three buffaloes, much to the relief of the affected farmers.

The hijacking incident occurred late at night when the truck, transporting buffaloes from a farm in Tezpur, was ambushed by the dacoits. The culprits, known for their involvement in several criminal activities across the region, overpowered the driver and seized control of the vehicle. Their intention was to sell the livestock illegally, capitalizing on the high demand for buffaloes in the black market.

Upon receiving the distress call, the Nagaon police swiftly mobilized their forces. Using advanced tracking techniques and coordinated intelligence efforts, they managed to trace the hijacked truck’s route. The police set up strategic roadblocks and conducted intensive searches along the suspected paths the dacoits might take.

The operation culminated in a high-stakes confrontation on the outskirts of Nagaon, where the police intercepted the hijacked truck. The dacoits, realizing they were cornered, attempted to flee but were quickly apprehended. The police arrested the two men and recovered the stolen buffaloes, ensuring they were safely returned to their rightful owner.

This successful operation has garnered praise from the local community and law enforcement officials alike. It highlights the police department’s commitment to maintaining law and order and protecting the livelihoods of farmers. The prompt action and tactical acumen demonstrated by the Nagaon police have set a commendable example for other regions grappling with similar issues.

Local farmers expressed their gratitude to the police, emphasizing the importance of such interventions in safeguarding their assets. The recovery of the buffaloes not only prevented a significant financial loss but also restored a sense of security among the farming community.

The arrested dacoits are now in custody and face multiple charges, including hijacking, theft, and endangering public safety. The police have launched further investigations to uncover any broader criminal network linked to the hijackers. This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by rural communities and the critical role of vigilant policing in addressing them. The successful resolution of this case serves as a reminder of the need for continued vigilance and community cooperation in combating crime.



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