Arunachal Pradesh Enhances Women’s Safety with New Laws and Pink-Patrolling

Pema Khandu

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu has taken proactive steps to bolster women’s safety and governance standards in the state. Under his leadership, Arunachal Pradesh is set to implement three new criminal laws aimed at enhancing security and swift justice for its citizens.

The initiative, spearheaded by Chief Minister Khandu, includes the introduction of advanced Pink-Patrolling measures across strategic locations. This proactive policing strategy is designed to ensure rapid response capabilities and heightened vigilance, particularly in areas prone to incidents affecting women’s safety.

Acknowledging the urgency of addressing gender-based violence and ensuring a secure environment for all residents, Khandu emphasized the need for stringent enforcement of the new criminal laws. These legislative measures are intended to strengthen the legal framework and improve the efficacy of law enforcement agencies in dealing with criminal activities.

In a statement, Chief Minister Khandu underscored the government’s commitment to governance excellence and public safety. He highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders to create a safe and conducive environment for every citizen, especially women and vulnerable groups.

The announcement of these initiatives comes amidst growing concerns over women’s safety and the need for robust preventive measures. Arunachal Pradesh aims to set a precedent in proactive governance and law enforcement, setting up a model for other states to follow in enhancing citizen security and promoting gender equality.

Citizens and advocacy groups have welcomed the state government’s proactive stance on women’s safety. They have expressed optimism that the implementation of advanced Pink-Patrolling and the new criminal laws will lead to tangible improvements in public safety and foster a culture of accountability and respect for the law.

Moving forward, Chief Minister Khandu affirmed the government’s commitment to monitoring the effectiveness of these measures closely. He reiterated the importance of continuous evaluation and feedback mechanisms to ensure that Arunachal Pradesh remains at the forefront of promoting safety, security, and justice for all its residents.



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