Assam: Four including two journalists arrested in Guwahati in SCERT scam case


In a significant development related to the SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training) scam case, the Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell in Guwahati apprehended four more individuals, including two journalists, on Tuesday. The arrests mark a crucial step in the ongoing investigation into the alleged fraudulent activities surrounding the SCERT.

The Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell has been relentlessly working to uncover the truth behind the SCERT scam, which has shaken the education system in Assam. The recent arrests further signify the authorities’ determination to bring all those involved in the scam to justice.

The detained individuals are believed to have played significant roles in the intricate web of deceit that plagued the SCERT. By apprehending them, the law enforcement agencies aim to unearth crucial evidence, gather information, and gain a deeper understanding of the scam’s modus operandi.

The inclusion of two journalists among those arrested raises eyebrows and emphasizes the need to thoroughly investigate the potential involvement of media professionals in the scandal. While the press is often regarded as a vital pillar of democracy, it is essential to ensure that the integrity and ethical standards of journalism are upheld.

The SCERT scam has had far-reaching implications, casting a shadow of doubt on the fairness and transparency of the education system in Assam. The alleged embezzlement of funds meant for educational initiatives has not only undermined the trust of students and parents but also eroded public confidence in the administration responsible for safeguarding educational institutions.

The arrests come as a ray of hope for those seeking justice in this case. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to combating corruption and ensuring accountability in the state. As the investigation progresses, it is imperative that all individuals connected to the scam, regardless of their position or influence, are held accountable for their alleged involvement.

The Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell has urged citizens to come forward with any information or evidence related to the SCERT scam, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in bringing the truth to light. This collaborative approach between law enforcement agencies and the public will undoubtedly strengthen the fight against corruption and restore faith in the educational system.

As this case unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accountability in all spheres of society. It is through such efforts that the foundation for a just and transparent governance system can be established, ultimately benefiting the people of Assam and paving the way for a brighter future.



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