Manipur’s First Water Amusement Park Set to Open on March 13


As anticipation builds, Manipur is gearing up for the grand inauguration of its first-ever water amusement park on March 13, 2024. The much-awaited project, led by the Manipur Police Housing Corporation Limited, is reaching its final stages of construction, with the state government planning a festive dedication to the public next Wednesday.

A Refreshing Oasis near Imphal

Located approximately 12 kilometres from the state’s capital, Imphal, the water amusement park promises to be a haven for recreational enthusiasts. Boasting a variety of attractions, the park is poised to offer a vibrant atmosphere and a welcome escape for the people of Manipur, providing an opportunity to unwind and create lasting memories.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh, accompanied by Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi and other senior officials, recently visited the park to inspect its progress. Expressing his enthusiasm, Chief Minister Singh emphasized the park’s potential to enhance recreational opportunities in the region. He noted, “With this new addition to our community, families and individuals will have a vibrant and refreshing destination to unwind and create lasting memories.”

As the construction work nears completion, the excitement among the people of Manipur is palpable. The park is expected to become a popular destination for families and individuals, offering a modern amusement facility that aligns with the state government’s commitment to enhancing community well-being.

Beyond its recreational aspects, the water amusement park symbolizes resilience and progress for Manipur. It signifies not only a testament to leisure but also reflects the government’s dedication to providing a space where families and individuals can forge lasting memories.

The park, with its vibrant and refreshing ambiance, is poised to become a cherished destination for the community. Set to open its doors on March 13, the inauguration of Manipur’s first water amusement park is anticipated to mark a new milestone in the state’s recreational landscape, fostering a sense of unity and joy.



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