Padmashree Kamala Pujari on Her Viral ICU Dance Video


Padmashree Kamala has stated in this context on Thursday amid controversy over the Padma Shri awardee Kamala Pujari dancing in the ICU of Cuttack SCB Medical.

Kamala Pujari has said that I was forced to dance. She said that I did not talk about dancing. I was forced to dance. Even if I refused, she (social worker Mamta Behera) did not listen to me. I was forced to dance even after knowing that I was unwell. After dancing I got tired and more unwell.

After the video went viral in the internet media regarding the incident of Padmashree Kamala Pujari dancing in the ICU of Cuttack Bada Medical, the matter has caught fire. In such a situation, Dr. Avinash Raut, Registrar, SCB Medical, has given his response to Gana Medium regarding this incident.

He has said that Padmashree Kamala Pujari was admitted to the SCB at 4 a.m. of last August 24. She was kept in the step-down bed present in the ICU, Department of Medical Medicine. She was accompanied by his grandson Dhanupathi and a youth named Rajeev in the SCB.

Padmashree Kamala Pujari used to sleep in this special cabin and Dhanupathi and Rajiv lived in the other two beds. But after the admission of Padmashree Kamala Pujari, a woman reached the medical by saying that she is known of Kamala Pujari.

After living with Kamala, he used to sleep in the circuit house without sleeping in Rajiv and Dhanupathi and Heal Medical. After Padmashree Kamala Pujari is discharged, the lady must have danced with him inside the cabin but she does not know about it.

She was admitted in Cuttack SCB for five days

Kamala Pujari has said that I do not recognize social worker Mamta Behera. On the other hand, Kamala Pujari’s attendant Rajiv Hian has said about Mamta Behera coming again and again to pick up videos and photos.

According to the information, Kamala Pujari was admitted to Cuttack SCB Medical for five days after being unwell. She was discharged from here last Monday. A video of him went viral after leaving the hospital. In this, Kamala Pujari is seen doing social worker Mamta Behera’s dance inside the ICU.

Demand from the government for appropriate action

After watching this video different sections of people have expressed surprise. People have said that it is not okay for an unhealthy Kamala Pujari to dance like this. Koraput Parja Samaj President Harish Muduli has demanded from the government to take appropriate action in this regard.

He has also said that if the government does not take appropriate action in this matter, then Parja society will be forced to take to the road.

On the other hand, a day before, social worker Mamta Behera has said that Kamala Pujari was unwell and mentally broken. To boost morale, she did the Dhemsa dance of his own free will.